Sunday, September 5, 2010

In case you haven't heard about it...

Wolfram|Alpha! It's a "computational knowledge engine", which means that rather than searching the web for relevant links, it translates your question into computer code, then uses its own (enormous) databases to calculate the answer to your question, which it then returns, in comprehensible English! It's a very useful piece of software, and although it's not perfect, it can calculate the answers to questions on topics from math to linguistics -- and, of course, physics.

So why are you still reading my confusing explanation? Go try it out at, or in the search box labeled "Wolfram|Alpha" right here on Strangely Charming!

Physics forever,
P.S. Sorry this isn't exactly physics-related, but I felt the need to explain the W|A search box on the blog. :D

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  1. CoolCat-
    I talked to my language arts teacher about WolframAlpha... he found it to be quite enlightening! Unfortunately, I am now hooked on searching ChinaRussiaNorthKorea... nuclear warfare :)
    That's a joke, actually.